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Executive Summary


“the connection between crypto and economy”

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have been changing international markets, when it comes to the possibilities of digital monetary payment solutions revolutionising our existing economy.

There are numerous businesses scaling from one-man businesses to international conglomerates, who have realised the vast amount of potentials and expansion opportunities this new area of blockchain technology and the usage of cryptocurrencies entails.

We as the GO-FUND platform and ICO seek to create a connection between this new, thriving blockchain and cryptocurrency community as well as the so-called “real economy”, being startups and companies in any line of business seeking to fund or expand their company with the aid of the cryptocurrency community.

Problems & Solutions

Vague strat-up offers

Frequently, start-up investment platforms are very vague in their definition of projects open for investments.

Transparent investment offers

Our platform aims at publishing projects, which comply with our first-class transparency and quality standards.

Complicated handling

A lot of the times, if one finds a company worth investing in, they face a great amount of obstacles as far as the legal procedure is concerned.

Standardized procedure

We have standardized protocols, which allow users to follow a simple procedure in order to execute a desired investment.

Different partners

The challenge of working with a set of different partners applies to the founders and to the investors side. Usually founders and investors have to involve several different parties to cover all their legal, financial and operational needs.

One-stop-shop solution

We thrive to offer so-called on-stop-shop solutions, meaning, that founders and investors receive a well crafted package of services, which is just tailored to their needs. Legal advise, tax consulting and the entire handling of the transaction take place with a single partner

Our Services

Startup & Business Funding

Our platform will serve as a direct link between the crypto community and a variety of businesses, who seek funding online.

Multi Wallet

Our state-of-the-art multi wallet will enable users to store, exchange and invest up to 50 different crypto and fiat currencies within one wallet, which can be used on windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS X.


We offer lucrative and innovative masternodes for our ICO, which will incentivize our users to help us enhance our platform’s security and efficiency

Cross Channel Marketing

Though the vast variety in our user base, we will have great synergies as far as the cross channel marketing of our platform is concerned.

Legal consulting

Thanks to our cooperation partners, which consist of leading international law firms, we will provide dedicated legal services to entrepreneurs, seeking to fund their project on our platform as well as investors, intending to fund projects.

Financial consulting

When it comes to tax and business consulting, together with our first-class partners we will be eager to advise startup and company founders financially, how to raise funds on our platform as well as investors funding ideas on our platform.

ICO Timeline


In 2018 we were focusing on the concept as well as early stage funding for the platform and setting up all cooperations needed regarding legal, tax, web and marketing consulting. The establishment of the management has also taken place in this period.


On November 12th, 2018, our website will be up and running on for registering. People who intend to purchase tokens of our ICO are going to be able to create an account and even register their team members.

23.11.2018 START PRE-SALE

The official pre-sale of our ICO token will start on November 23rd, 2018, which will enable registered users to exchange BTC and USD, which they deposited in their account, into GFC, the GO-FUND token.


Still in Q1 of 2019, we will be pleased to finally publish the code of the GFC’s blockchain on, which will be one of our most important milestones to becoming an official ICO in the crypto community. This step lays the path for listings on crypto exchanges.


We will launch our GFC windows wallet, which will enable users to stake the GO-FUND coin and transfer it freely from one wallet to another as from the end of February 2019. Users will also be able to build their own GFC masternodes with this wallet.


We will launch our GFC Mac OS wallet, which will enable users to stake the GO-FUND coin and transfer it freely from one wallet to another as from the end of February 2019. Users will also be able to build their own GFC masternodes with this wallet.


Our platform features a multi wallet, which enables users to store and exchange up to 50 different cryptocurrencies in their own Android or iOS X wallet. Moreover, users will be able to invest into businesses and ICOs directly from their multi wallets as from the official launch.


All registered partners will have the possibility to withdraw their GFC, which they bought or received, as a masternode reward into their private windows or Mac OS wallets. From this day onwards anybody can create their own GFC masternode.


After nearly a year of planning and web development, we are pleased to launch our beta platform in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Startups and businesses will now be able to upload their funding proposals for future investments


In the 2nd quarter of 2019 we aim to get listed in two crypto exchanges so as to promote the free exchange of GFC against other cryptocurrencies, which means having reached one of the most important milestones of our ICO project goal.


In Q2 of 2019, we will launch the final version of the GO-FUND platform, which means that registered and verified users will be able to invest in a vast amount of different projects using their cryptos stored in our multi wallet, running on Windows, Mac OS, Android and OS X.


In Q3 of 2019 the GO-FUND platform will be taking of, enabling users to invest cryptos into innovative startups as well as companies from the so-called “real economy” by facilitating their free exchange. Our platform will be improved and expanded constantly.