What is GFC?

GFC is a Proof of Stake Coin on a PIVX blockchain basis. The maximum supply is 100,000,000 GFC. Please find any supplementary information regarding our ICO structure, staking and masternodes in our whitepaper, which you can download right here:


How can I use the 50$ which I received in my balance?

As we promised, each user, who registered in the pre-registration phase, was credited 50$ to their USD balance. As the 50$ are understood to be a promo voucher, we would like to draw your attention to the fact, that the exchange to BTC and/or the withdrawal of the 50 USD, which we credited to your account, are not possible. The 50$ promo voucher is non-redeem able in cash. However, after having deposited a minimum of additional 50 USD, the total of 100 USD (50$ promo voucher: 50$ deposit), can be exchanged to GFC at any point in time.

How can I earn commissions?

In order to earn commissions with the GO-FUND ICO, you just have to accept our sales partner agreement and forward your affiliate link to potential clients or partners. The affiliate link can be found on the page “Organisation'. After somebody has registered on the website with your affiliate link and executed a purchase successfully, you will receive your first commissions. Please note, that you do not need to hold GFC or masternodes yourself so as to be entitled to receive commissions.

Where can I see and withdraw commissions that I have earned?

After you have received commissions as described in the FAQ “How can I earn commissions?' you can check your commissions on the “My Account’ page in the “Commissions' section. The amount is immediately accessible in your USD balance and can be exchanged to BTC with just one click. After having changed the desired amount into BTC, you can withdraw them by entering a BTC wallet address and clicking on “Withdraw' on the “My Account' page.

How can I purchase GFC or masternodes?

There are only a few simple steps necessary in order to execute a purchase of GFC or masternodes. Go to your “My Account' page and deposit BTC, which you then exchange comfortably into USD in your back office. Please note, that purchases can only be carried out in USD. Using your USD balance you can purchase GFC or masternodes by clicking on “Buy Coins' in the top menu of the website and choosing, which purchase you would like to perform.

As from which point in time will I be able to hold my GFC in my own wallet?

After having executed a purchase of GFC or masternodes your balance on the “My Account' page will be updated automatically according to your purchase. Soon you will be able to download our GFC wallet for Windows and MAC OS X and provide your GFC wallet address in the back office of our website. After we have finished the pre-sale phase, your GFC will be transferred automatically to the GFC wallet address, which you entered in the back office.

I forgot my password. What am I supposed to do?

In case, that you lost or forgot your password, you can easily request a password reset link to the registered e-mail address by clicking on “Forgot Your Password?’ on the “Login’ page of our website. The link, which we send to your e-mail enables you to reset your password. If you have other difficulties logging in. kindly, contact our support via support@go-fund-ico.com.

How can I stay updated about developments at GO-FUND?

After having logged into your account on our website a brief message is popping up. which contains the link to our telegram info channel. In order to enter our telegram info channel, you have to download the telegram app, which is available for Windows. iOS and Android. In this info channel we inform clients and partners about the ongoing developments and successes taking place at GO-FUND. Additionally, there is a newsletter, which is sent out periodically to all users, who registered at www.go-fund-ico.com.

Which payment solutions are accepted at GO-FUND?

GO-FUND only supports BTC payments at the moment. For depositing BTC as wall as for withdrawing BTC a BTC wallet is needed and has to be set up by every user.

Who do I contact, if I have further questions about GO-FUND?

Our trained and experienced GO-FUND support team will be happy to assist you with your questions and requests by e-mailing them at support@go-fund-ico.com.